Women's Day and Half-Day Retreats bringing you programs and activities designed to inspire and rejuvenate such as:

  • The practice of yoga (1/2 hour for 1/2 day retreat, 1 hour for full day retreat) with Magi King of Foothills Yoga.
  • Healthy Cooking Class with Intentional approach to Food Selection (menus to focus on dietary interests of your individual group). The Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health. Diets for Inflammation and Pain Reduction, Gluten Free Meals. Vegetarian Meals for Everyone. The Use of Herbs and Wild Foods for Healing and Nourishment. Please see list of classes for more ideas.
  • Enjoying the nourishment of this experience by eating together.
  • Free time for opening presents if a shower or birthday party retreat.
  • Protein Smoothie or Herbal Tea Break.
  • SPA Session with selected services of choice. Local practitioners will bring massage opportunities, pedicures, Reiki, Holistic Facials, creating simple natural products with Herbs and essential oils. Spa services are provided by Thera-Ssage.
  • Mini-lectures from Health Professionals on cutting edge topics such as health care through prevention and lifestyle commitment to self care.

A retreat can be designed to fit a Beach or Lake House for a weekend as well...starting Friday evening and ending Sunday afternoon.

Personal Healing Retreats are designed and facilitated with love and dedication to creating spaces for you to focus on areas of body, mind and spirit that nurture and restore you.

  • Have you been meaning to take some time for yourself, to regroup and renew?
  • Do you need a little inspiration to jumpstart a new path toward healthier eating and fitness?
  • Do you enjoy spending time with other women creating and tasting delicious food, stretching and relaxing with yoga or a massage?
  • Do you have a party or shower to give with a unique theme?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this amazing retreat opportunity is for you!

Contact me as soon as possible to reserve dates.