Herbal & Nutritional Consulting

Through personalized one-on-one sessions I will help you resolve health concerns specific to you and your individual needs and interests. My safe and nurturing approach provides you with tools for increasing long-term vitality and health.

Private consultations are thorough and enlightening. I am your personal advocate for living an energized, passionate life. I have a growing apothecary of fresh herbs and flowers for medicinal and culinary use. Many of these are grown locally and in my own garden; some are wild-crafted. I have a unique system of formulating personal and therapeutic herbal tea blends, herb and flower baths and other naturally created products to enhance the health of your body and soul.



1 hour with follow-up mini-session of 15-20 minutes, $75.00. Includes subsequent research for your individual protocol, written health plan, recommendations and instructions, holistic refreshments, and relevant food and herbal product samples.

Phone Consultation

30 minutes minimum, $30.00 or $1.00 per minute by appointment.

What To Expect

A typical consultation begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health based on intake information received from you in advance. Together, you and I will discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how you would like to begin to introduce new and healthful habits.

You will return for a follow-up session (20-30 minutes 2-3 days later if possible) and will receive a personalized Health notebook with recommendations and instructions. You may use this for gathering information in the form of handouts, recipes, and other information pertinent to our work together.

After reading over recommendations, suggestions, and information compiled in your Health notebook, I will suggest and offer a free question/answer telephone consult to clarify any of the suggested information from each full hour consult.

Your Nutritional Program Begins With:

  • goal setting
  • making simple lifestyle changes
  • making healthy food choices on the road, on the go and at work
  • intentional menu planning

And can include:

  • hand's on food preparation
  • a health food store or organic market tour to familiarize you with food items to learn more about and incorporate into your holistic cooking and eating plan

Like most of us, you have probably tried a variety of diets, and may even have managed to do well on some for a few weeks or even months. However, the emphasis such diets place on willpower, deprivation and denial is both unnecessary and counter-productive. The reality is that, unless you have a plan that is practical, works with your lifestyle, and takes your individuality into account, it will not last. I can help you to create such a plan.

Conventional dietary theories present you with food restrictions and limitations that are difficult to sustain over time. Such quick fixes do nothing to help you achieve life-long wellness nor do they bring out the body's natural inclination toward balance. Together, we will introduce new and healthful foods and activities, gently and slowly. As you start to feel better, these habits have a natural tendency to take hold and ease out the less healthful ones.

Are you ready? Contact me.